A Prophecy fulfilled.

I am not ashamed to say I am a Christian. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes but I am completely aware of Gods hand over my life. I am where I am today because of Gods love and grace over me.

In 2010 or 2011 a Pastor visited our church and gave me a prophecy. I wish I could remember everything he said but this is what I remember. He told me that people from all walks of life will cross my path and open-up about their life journeys, pain and struggles. He said that I would not even have to say something, they will just start talking to me. Then he repeatedly said “you are a gold mine”. At the time and for years to come this was pretty strange. I went to him after the service and asked what he meant with “you are a gold mine” .I remember him telling me that in time it will all make sense.

Today 12August 2016 I launched my new amazing products and new pricing structure. It has been a journey of long hours, online tutorials of Sue Bryce, searching for suppliers and so much more to be where I am now. The past week has been such a revelation to me and God has opened my eyes to so many things. I have also realized how many behind the scenes hours I put into my work and how many events I have missed with my own people to capture the special events of others. I have realized my worth. I have been blessed with a talent and a passion for working with people.

One of my favorite studio renters, Salomien from of the earth photography was at the studio this morning. I shared my exciting new products and plans with her and as always she was so excited with me and motivated me to push through and that this is going to be amazing. Before she got into her car she pointed to the studio and said “Shalane, you have a gold mine here.” It wasn’t till after dinner that it hit me, the prophecy from 5-6years back popped into my head from nowhere and I realized, this is it. All of it has come true. Going back in my mind I remember telling my sister so many times that people just open up to me. I have barely made a cup of coffee then they start sharing their stories with me. In my post from yesterday I realize I also mentioned that ladies from all walks of life have crossed my path and that I am so blessed. Blessed to have these ladies trust me so much that they share there heartbreak, tragedies and breakthroughs with me.

Now more than ever I know “this is real, this is me and I am exactly where I am suppose to be.

All the honor and praise to God for loving me and blessing me to do what I do.


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