Chris & Jane| Pretoria Wedding Photography

Chris & Jane said “I do” 7December 2013.

What a pretty DIY wedding this was. It’s always great when a wedding is a little different.

They set up and old barn for the reception, no fancy floors, no lights and no windows.

You just need to take a look at these photos to see what I mean. I loved this wedding.

A special thanks to table 8 for making me feel right at home. I had a lovely chat with a few of you.

You guys were amazing.

Oh and thank you for bringing me a frozen yoghurt, that was so kind of you. (Chris & Jane noticed that I didn’t get some on the day while taking pictures, how awesome is that, hehe)

CJ001 CJ003 CJ006 CJ007 CJ010 CJ011 CJ013 CJ015 CJ019 CJ023 CJ026 CJ029 CJ032 CJ038 CJ040 CJ059 CJ064 CJ072 CJ074 CJ078 CJ083 CJ090 CJ102 CJ107 CJ110 CJ119 CJ129 CJ131 CJ138 CJ139 CJ144 CJ160 CJ161 CJ168 CJ176 CJ196 CJ199 CJ202 CJ214 CJ216 CJ230 CJ232 CJ239 CJ241 CJ247 CJ253 CJ256 CJ260 CJ271 CJ276 CJ280 CJ285 CJ291 CJ296 CJ307 CJ316 CJ321 CJ325 CJ331 CJ332 CJ361 CJ386 CJ391 CJ400 CJ418 CJ434 CJ446 CJ450 CJ473 CJ476 CJ480 CJ486 CJ493


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