Hard work, patients and facing your fear.

For the past almost 18months I’ve been working so hard on improving my work. Late nights watching tutorials while everyone is in bed, searching for suppliers who can make the products i want and so much more. Endless conversations with a God sent friend Nerine, discussing so many things till who knows what hour. So here I am ready and excited to launch and reveal all the exciting new things and a completely different approach to the business side of photography that will be a little new to SA clients. Excitement has turned into fear!

There are no guarantees in life and this will either work or fail but i know that God would not have brought me this far to fail now. To so many people photography is just a ‘wham-bam, thank you mam’ kind of thing but to me, it is my life, my only income and my passion. I want to offer my clients the best of me. Countless hours I’ve spent searching, learning and trying. Ive lost time and special events with my own people to capture yours…but i know i am where i need to be. 8years i have been a full time photographer and i know now what i love, where i want to invest my time and what brings me joy.

I have been blessed to work with woman from all walks of life and I have been touched by all of there stories. In the next few months my studio will be transformed into the place and space i need to continue working with all these wonderful woman.

Watch this space. My next step in faith starts here… I declare growth and increase in a supernatural way!


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