Family Photography Centurion | The Vermaak family

I had so much fun with this family. Little Bella greeted me as if she knew me for years and was so comfy with this “tannie”.

We had quite a few laughs throughout our session with Bella’s cuteness. I will explain under some of the photos below.

Thank you guys for a lovely shoot, you are such a loving family.

IMG_9311IMG_9323 IMG_9352

When I told Lee-Ann to close her eyes when Gerhard kisses her, little Bella was very obedient and did the same, hehe

IMG_9363 IMG_9433 IMG_9491 IMG_9560 IMG_9602 IMG_9718IMG_9728 IMG_9739

Here I asked Lee-Ann to touch Gerhard’s face with one of her hands. Little Bella was sitting next to me. She then jumped up, ran to her daddy and put both her hands on her dads face. We had such a laugh!

IMG_9750IMG_9769  IMG_9813

And this was the face that greeted me. Very unhappy that I had to leave.

Bella you make me want to have a little girl someday…

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