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I did a Glamour photoshoot for my mom a few months back before she moved down to the coast. I wanted to write a little bit about my mom so I haven’t gotten around to do her blog post till now.

If you have been following my work for some time you would know that its no secret, my mom is and has always been my biggest fan. From the very beginning my mom has never doubted my dreams and ambitions to be a photographer. When I was in Gr 11 my mom drove me up and down to my night-school photography classes without ever complaining. Maybe one day I will write my story from when I grew up but in short; a few years back my mom was completely bedridden, she could not walk or drive and she had an oxygen tank next to her bed to help her breath. She would stop breathing and we would have to do CPR on her on a daily bases. Almost 17 years ago when my mom was so sick my dad passed away very suddenly, we were all preparing for my mom to pass but then my dad was taken. I was 10 and my brother was 14 years old. After all of this a miracle happened (not over night but over a period of time). Slowly my mom started crawling, then walking and later she started driving short distanced. She would reach the stop sign 50-100m away from our home and then call my brother to run up and fetch her as she could not drive further.

It took a lot of prayer, a determined mind and willpower to be where my mom is today. My mom was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and Fibromyalgia. In resent tests the Dr could fine no trace of MS on my moms brain anymore, a complete miracle! My mom now lives a happy and normal life, she still has pain and gets tired but it is worlds apart from where she was.

Thank you for being my No.1 fan mams. I love you so much.

ShalaneMareGlamour0001ShalaneMareGlamour0002ShalaneMareGlamour0003ShalaneMareGlamour0004ShalaneMareGlamour0005ShalaneMareGlamour0006ShalaneMareGlamour0007ShalaneMareGlamour0008ShalaneMareGlamour0009Mom & I on my Wedding day in 2015S&D_0651Photo by Labella Photography
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