Teen Glamour | Investing in our Youth

I want to start this blog of with the following quote I love: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” I strongly believe that we need to build our youth from the roots up and not the other way around, especially young girls in this day and age where “perfection” is such a distorted term.

For the past week I have been praying and searching about this new campaign and driving in my car one day I had this overwhelming feeling of making a difference. I truly believe that one conversation, one encounter, one act or word of kindness can set a chain reaction and spread a whole lot of good.

There is an analogy that talks about the egg and the potato; one goes soft and the other hard when put under pressure. Same situation, way different outcome. And this is where I came to my conclusion, we can either build our young women to believe in themselves and that they are ENOUGH just the way they are OR we can keep on letting them believe that perfection is the distorted image the world out there creates. From this they can either grow stronger or become insecure adult women.

I know this campaign is straight from the heart of God for every young girl out there and I believe if only one girl is touched by this campaign I have succeeded. June is youth month so what better time to launch this initiative. I am investing R2500 per session in our youth. For select dates in June & July I will completely waive the Booking fee of R2500 for Teen Glam sessions.

I am confident in what I have to offer and I know you will love your images. (Your booking fee will be waived and you will only pay for your images)

For more info please have your mom/parent/guardian complete the “contact” form at the top of my website and I will send you all the info needed.


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